♡♡♡ By purchasing from this store, you are agreeing to all store polices ♡♡♡

you must contact me within 30 days of RECEIVING your item to RECEIVE any exchanges.

no refunds will be processed from this store - this is especially true for pre-orders.  

in order for Any order issues to be resolved or looked into, you must contact me (either through the contact form OR direct to my email within 30 days of receiving the item. Any contact about an issue beyond the 30 day time allotment will not be considered for a resolution.


No returns, order cancellations OR refunds will be processed from this store. I ask that you PLEASE be sure that you want to make the purchase before you buyThis applies to pre-orders as well as in stock purchases. 

Pre-orders may take up to 10 weeks or longer to arrive,  and an extended wait time is NOT a valid reason to request a refund. 

This policy is one way I can ensure that costs stay low for everyone!

I am, however, willing to do exchanges if:

✦ Your item arrived with noticeable flaws such as missing enamel or problems with the metal (For pins) or noticeable scratches, cuts or issues with fabric (for all other items). I will NOT exchange anything that is not a major defect.

 ✦ If you’ve decided, WITHIN 14 DAYS upon receiving the item, that you’d like a different style of the same item. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO PINS.) In this case, you may email explaining the situation and what you’d like to exchange it for. The exchange MUST be comparable value, and if the item you are exchanging for costs more then you are responsible for paying the difference. You are also responsible for the price of shipping the exchange item back, and the new item to you. Exchanged items can only be exchanged once.

✦ If the wrong item was sent! This does occasionally happen, I pack all orders myself and sometimes I can make mistakes! I will need a photo of the pin and an order number to do these exchanges, so including that in your initial email to me will speed the process up!

✦  PLEASE NOTE: This does not  apply to orders that have been damaged or lost in shipping. IF YOU DID NOT PURCHASE INSURANCE, I DO NOT GUARANTEE THE ITEM. Shipping insurance can be purchased from the shop, and it will insure up to 100$ AND will guarantee tracking on international orders!

✦ Whether or not damage to an item has occurred in shipping will be at my discretion. 

Pin Quality Grading Policy and Quality Guarantee

Pin Quality Grading

All pins in this shop are sold as standard grade pins! It's possible for you to recieve a pin with small defects - please be aware of this. 

✦  If you are a collector and feel strongly about getting a perfect pin, you may want to email me with your order number asking for a collector's grade pin. 

Standard Grade: Free of major defects but *may* exhibit minor imperfections such as minor scratches, minor smudging or minor air bubbles. They may also have scratching on the sides, or underside of the pin - areas that are not visible when you look at the pin's face. These are minor problems and are, for the most part, very hard to notice. 
Seconds Grade: Multiple or major defects of the types mentioned above, or: peeling enamel, missing enamel, or other unexpected Problems. Typically these issues are minor, but can be a bit more major. The more noticeable the defect, the higher the discount will be. 

Any order placed as a PRE-ORDER will be guaranteed as Standard Grade or above. Orders placed first will get priority of the most flawless pins (Collector's Grade).  Defective pins will be sold as "seconds" grade.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not label pins as "Collectors Grade" Because enamel pins are HAND MADE ITEMS. I feel that it is unfair to expect hand made items to be 100% perfect all of the time! The beauty of hand made items is that they are all unique. Rest assured, I scrutinize my pins very harshly to insure quality.

Quality Guarantee

If any items are less than satisfactory when they arrive, please contact us. These instances are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to assure attentive care and quality to all customers!

For ita bags:

Please check out our care instructions! This is a list of ways to care for and maintain your new ita bag:


Please allow all orders 7 business days (mon - fri) to ship. I am a one woman operation and also a full time student! I primarily pack on the weekends, and ship Tuesday and Thursday. By purchasing from my shop, you are agreeing to this wait time! 

International customers:  PLEASE consider purchasing package insurance, especially on large orders.  If your package gets lost in the mail or stolen, I CAN NOT replace or refund it if you have not purchased insurance. Insurance can be purchased in the "Misc" section of the shop, or by clicking the button below!

All orders are shipped through USPS first class.

✦  IF THERE IS A POSTAL STRIKE IN YOUR COUNTRY, NATTYCAT DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR DELAYS. NattyCat will always support workers and their right to strike, however delays caused by these potential strikes are not under our jurisdiction and we can not compensate customers for the delays they may cause. Please check with your local post to make sure all shipping times are appropriate before you order!

Shipping time estimates:


3-7 business days (Mon - Fri)

International (outside U.S)

10- 36 business days (Mon - Fri) after the package has left the country

- Due to recent USPS changes, packages now arrive at a partner facility before they are shipped overseas.  This will appear on your tracking page as: Arrived Shipping Partner Facility. This means the package has not left the country yet. 

- DO NOT contact me about a lost package until the package has taken at least this long to arrive from the shipment date. (U.S shipments: 7  business days, International shipments: 36 business days after the package has left the country)

- If you did not purchase insurance, I DO NOT GUARANTEE THE SAFE ARRIVAL OF YOUR PACKAGE. Most shipments arrive just fine, however there are cases where they can get lost in the mail or badly damaged in transit - I WILL NOT refund or replace any items that have had this happen to them unless package insurance was purchased with the item. Please follow the above link to purchase insurance. 

-If for some reason your mail gets returned to me, you are expected to pay for shipping to have it sent againHaving the mail returned does not make my cancellation or return policy any less valid and I am not responsible for you putting in the wrong information. I simply cannot afford to pay to reship items due misinformation. 

- Packages are sent in padded bubble mailers to ensure that your package arrives safely. I accept no responsibility for damage during transit OR lost packages. I can only help if you've purchased the package insurance upgrade!

- You may also purchase a shipping upgrade to receive tracking on international orders. Otherwise, they WILL NOT BE TRACKED ONCE THEY LEAVE THE U.S. (International Pin orders come with basic tracking that will only notify you of them leaving our country / arriving in your country)

international bag orders will come with tracking already, no insurance is needed for tracking - we do recommend the insurance to safeguard your packages from damages, however.

Domestic (U.S.) orders will all receive tracking automatically, without having to purchase the insurance upgrade. Please note this before purchasing from my store.