♡ Chubby Star Shaker Keychain ♡

♡ Chubby Star Shaker Keychain ♡


All key chains are hand assembled by NattyCat with love ♡

Add the “poofball” listing to your order to have a poof attached to your key chain!

This adorable chubby star is ready to accompany you everywhere! When you lightly shake this key chain, it will make a soft rattling noise. This can be super useful for people who like to fidget and play with things throughout the day! It’s also useful for giving someone with anxiety something to focus on/play with if they need to calm down.


  • Super lightweight - won’t weight down keys or ID badges!

  • Each one is unique and hand assembled by Natty!

  • Comes with custom lobster clasp AND classic O ring!

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