♡ Moon Pin Bags ♡

♡ Moon Pin Bags ♡



Pin Bags (or Ita bags) show off your pins, key chains, plushies, or whatever else you'd like to show the world! They keep your collectibles on display for the world to see -  well also keeping them safe and sound! Perfect for displaying your favorite collectibles, or for just a casual on-the-go bag that can hold all you’ll need - and then some!

These were custom designed by Natty, right down to the adorable heart zippers!


  • Clear pocket for showing off pins! The pocket is surrounded by a zipper, so your pins will always stay safe - no matter what!

  • Second, inner pocket for storing your stuff! This is an open pocket, separate from the ones you'll put pins in! There is also a separate pocket within this large one, that can be secured with Velcro to make sure special items stay extra safe.

    • This pocket is 14.5 inches tall, and can hold most 12in  - 14in laptops! It is about 5 inches deep, insuring lots of space for everyday essentials - and more!

  • A back pocket which will keep pins that are pinned to the fabric of the front panel safe! This fabric will make it so that pins pinned straight to the front panel’s fabric do not have the pin backs sticking out into the main back pocket! It will also catch any backs that may fall off during activities!

  • Moon Pin Bags are lined with a luxurious satin material that’s super soft, durable and long lasting! And It gives off a gorgeous shine!

  • Weather-resistant, 100% Vegan faux leather with a thick, clear or glitter PVC window to protect any collectables ! The leather is resistant to rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc! This guarantees your pins will always be safe!

  • Two (2) Durable metal zippers for each pocket!

  • Adjustable straps; lengthen or shorten the straps to fit your body! Staps will be reinforced to assure a long life for your new bag. **

  • NattyCat Logo nestled happily on the back of the bag, in the left corner!

  • Choose between a clear moon with no glitter, OR a moon with rainbow holographic glitter!

  • Adorable heart shaped zipper pulls give the bag a vintage feel!

  • Reinforced zipper pulls to keep your bag strong!

  • If you want to see more photos and videos of details of these bags, please head over to the NattyCat Instagram, @NattyCatPins! There are various posts showing off the details, and under the "ITA BAGS!" story highlight you can find video tours of the bags!

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 14.5 in tall x 11.5 in wide and 5.5in deep

PIN BAG ORDERS WILL AUTOMATICALLY COME WITH TRACKING FOR BOTH U.S. AND NON U.S. CUSTOMERS. BEFORE YOU BUY, please consider purchasing packaging insurance to guarantee your order arrives safely! Check out the store policies for more info on insurance!

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Please note! Although these bags are large, they are not heavy-duty outdoors-esque bags. If you are carrying very large, heavy items in them consistently, it can cause damage to the bag - especially the straps and body.