♡ Casual Heart Ita Sidebag ♡

♡ Casual Heart Ita Sidebag ♡


The newest pin bag from NattyCat is smaller, lighter & cuter than ever!

Dimensions: 8in tall, 6.5in wide, 2.5in deep! Strap length is 58in & adjustable (20.4cm tall x 16.5cm wide x 6.35cm deep, 148cm total strap length)

This bag features canvas as opposed to the traditional faux leather! Why canvas? Canvas material has more give & durability than faux leather, and gives off a more causal & relaxed look! You can pin badges and enamel pins to the canvas - canvas is very durable and doesn’t show holes like faux leather or satin might!

This canvas is also safe to apply iron-on or sew-on patches too, and can be customized with fabric paint - just be careful when applying!

It also features TWO windows - one in the shape of a cute chubby heart, and one large square window! Since this bag is smaller, this maximizes window space so you can show off your goodies! The inner lining of the bag & windows is a beautiful bubblegum pink satin!

The heart side is framed by a stylish vegan-friendly faux leather panel - this helps the heart keep it’s shape, and adds a stylish accent!

The pink “NattyCat” strap included is removable and can be replaced with any strap you’d like! Additional straps will be available for purchase from NattyCat once production is complete!

The inside has two pockets against each window - in addition to acting as pockets, these also insure that items pinned through the window fabric don’t reach into the main pocket of the bag! This keeps your belongings inside safe & sound!

This bag is a crossbody/sidebag only, and does not function as a backpack.

PINS IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT ALL MADE BY NATTYCAT!!! Check out this link to see all the artists: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzwFBf4n8tt/

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